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It was in the midst of political upheaval in Iran that Maryam arrived in Paris in October 1979.  

His first goal was to learn French. The second, to prepare for the entrance examination to the National School of Fine Arts .

She passed the competition and five years later, she obtained the drawing diploma with honors. It was on this occasion and as a reward that she was invited to exhibit at the gallery of the great mass of fine arts, rue Mazarine, a series of her works on the theme of the "circus" which had a great success.


Then, attracted by lithography and serigraphy, she practiced these techniques for two years in the workshops of Abraham Hadad and Michel Salzmann.  


She then wanted to complete her training by acquiring the theoretical aspects of the Art. She therefore enrolled at the Sorbonne where she left with a master's degree in plastic arts.  


Finally, several years later, Maryam joined a school of decoration and therefore had, alongside this artistic career, the opportunity to exercise an activity as a decorator and art teacher.  plastics.


Since 1986, collective exhibitions have followed one another across France. From the 2000s, his work was exhibited around the world, including the United States (Dallas and Washington), Europe (Sweden, Spain, Italy, Belgium) and China (Beijing).

LB Delongchamps



      1st prize of the exhibition - Cogedim competition, Boulogne-Billancourt       

      Silver medal from the city of Paris
     1st international prize for abstract painting, international fair of the Côte d'Azur, Cannes
     1st  abstract painting price in Deauville
     1st  price of the print of the Concelles de Ferrol museum, Spain

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