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Sphère - Encre sur papier

Elemental particles 



In 2017, I created this series of nine Indian ink drawings on paper for an exhibition to raise awareness of breast cancer screening.


A population of about ten thousand billion cells of great diversity compose our body and constantly maintain the different functions of our organs, glands and muscles.


The breast, like the shape of a cell, is represented as a circle within which we can perceive the movement of elementary forms.


Through my Persian origins, steeped in the mystical tradition and Persian poetry, I have come to appreciate the importance of the shape of the circle as a symbol of life; an eternal restart without end.


In these inks, I penetrate inside a cell to capture its internal movement and rhythm in search of the infinitely small.

We only perceive through this series the tremors transforming into simple horizontal and soothing lines.

Inks on papers - 65x50 CM - 2019

Maryam SHAMS
Sphère - Maryam shams
Maryam Shams -Sphère-encre sur papier
Maryam SHAMS
Shams-Sphère N°27-2019
Maryam SHAMS - Sphère
Maryam SHAMS - Sphère
Maryam SHAMS -Sphère

Inks on papers  20x20 cm - 2017

Maryam SHAMS - sphère
Maryam SHAMS - sphères
Encre sur papier - Maryam SHAMS
Maryam SHAMS - sphère
Maryam SHAMS - sphère
Maryam SHAMS
Maryam SHAMS Peintre
Maryam SHAMS - encre sur papier
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