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Elements and Networks

Produced in 2015, the series "The Elements" marks a  clear -cut and voluntary period. Turning the page of mysticism and opening that of existential questioning on nature and the balance of elementary forces, the artist illustrates the complementary relationships between water and fire, earth and air, water and earth or water and air. Her major tool: color! If harmony manages to reign, wild beauty nestles in moments of renewal, revolutions and more or less violent shocks. In the water & fire series, Maryam Shams expresses this aesthetic violence eloquently  in the form of  trickles, where the red fluid expressing fire breaks through the water and makes its way naturally and irreversibly. The series water & earth manifests the tumultuous but no less possible harmony between water and the wild and resistant earth like an unsinkable island. Like a conclusion, the plant has its own power and its own rules. Obeying an energy of reconciliation between all the elements and demanding from man a new understanding . A renewed light emerges from this meetting.

Maryam Shams - triptyque l’aube

abstract expressionism

abstract gesture and action painting

pictorial practice jackson pollock

color field painting

abstract contemporary painting

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