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Art edition limited to 25 copies. Size 40 x 50cm


"  The circle is only a straight line returned to its starting point.  »


I chose simple materials, nothing but ink and water. 

The white paper under my hand, my gaze fixed on the immaculate surface and I feel intimidated in front of this open space ready to welcome the traces of my brushes. 

I breathe and I wait… a few electromagnetic pulses come to shake this reverie and suddenly my hand begins to dance, to play with the brush soaked in ink…



Work  original: Ink on paper 70 x 50 cm, 2020

Sphere-Vibration N°2

    • Draw: 25  copies - Proof numbered and signed
    • Dimensions: 40 H x 50 W cm
    • Support: Hahnemühle Museum Etching Paper 350 gr
    • Warranty: Sold with certificate of authenticity
    • Framing: Yes
    • Apollo natural wood Nielsen frame -  Solid pine frame equipped with riveted turnstiles and 2 mm thick mineral glass with polished edges.


    • Delivery:
    • Possibility of withdrawal at the Paris 20th workshop
    • Delivery costs offered for France
    • Time limit  delivery: 1 to 2  weeks
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