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Art Edition  limited to 25 copies - Dimensions 24 x 60  cm


In this series of ink drawings prepared in the workshop, I wanted to capture the energies linked to the movements of nature. Here the water and air elements play with the force of the wind and create vibrant ripples like waves on the surface of the water.


Work  original: Ink on paper 27 x 72  cm,  2019

Waves No. 1

    • Draw:  25  copies -  Proof numbered and signed
    • Dimensions: 24H  x 60L  cm
    • Support:  Hahnemühle Museum Etching Paper 350 gr
    • Warranty: Sold with certificate of authenticity
    • Framing: No


    • Delivery:
    • Possibility of withdrawal at the workshop - Paris 20th
    • Delivery costs offered for France
    • Time limit  delivery: 1  at 2  weeks
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