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Limited Art Edition

I am pleased to offer you a Selection of works in the form of a limited edition of 25 copies. The printing is carried out on high quality art paper for the black and white works and on the rigid Dibond support for the color works. The prints are numbered and signed , delivered with a certificate of authenticity . Possibility of acquiring all formats on request.



The series entitled, "Cosmo-Telluric Networks", is based on the search for harmony through nature and the four elements. These elements express their differences through the colors and the energetic power that emanates from them. Throughout this period, I sought to create an aesthetic balance between Earth-fire, Earth-water and Earth-air.

In these dualities, I seek to create an energetic harmony between the elements, to overcome their violence in order to achieve the gentle balance of complementary relationships between them. If harmony manages to reign, wild beauty nestles in moments of renewal, revolutions and more or less violent shocks.

Noir & Blanc


In this series, I tackle the question of the sphere. The stars are spheres, the planets, the atoms also, our eyes, to speak only of what is visible. In the Persian mystical tradition, many poets have largely dealt with the question of the circle, a figure which symbolizes, among other things, the eternal recommencement of life without end. This is how I sought to reach the infinitely small, to penetrate inside a cell in order to capture its internal movement and its rhythms.  The circle is a figure of perfection which is both a finite and infinite structure, having neither beginning nor end and at the same time allowing the existence of a "necessary limit" for the Consciousness to recognize itself. It is an autonomous form, integral, stable, while being endowed with an internal movement. In my meditations, I go to the center of myself, immerse myself in absolute silence in order to feel the slightest vibratory tremor that I will then let unfurl freely on the paper.

Edition limitée- série Horizons

The horizon is a limit point of visual perception. The higher the altitude, the further the horizon. In abstract landscapes, I try to perceive a sail on the horizon. The landscape disappears to give way to the perception of space. I introduce the sense of gesture in search of calm through parallel lines. I can only suggest the existence of a sensitive space that runs between heaven and earth, between breath and body, between eye and mind. The ink and its fluidity allow me to give the space a moving, supple and light consistency. Drawing tends towards the goal of freeing space from our habits to reinvent new horizons. The magic of the ink operates by unfurling freely in the immaculate white space of the paper.


This series of drawings is based on the search for harmony through nature and the four elements in particular.

If movement is a necessity for man, it is also an undeniable risk-taking in which one must accept the unexpected, the mystery and the chance. 


It is by capturing the force of creative energy that I can give the impression of movement.

The movement of waves that can only exist thanks to the wind. Breaking on the earth and embracing the sand, the elements of water, earth and air give me a whole range of waves to explore.

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