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Each painting is the result of a search

endlessly repeated signs.

The goal is to find the moving sensation of the shapes

which reveal a writing that echoes an intimate memory of the gesture.

By her chromaticism, Maryam Shams , highlights "the color"

which becomes the subject of  his pictorial reflection.

The artist, amazed by the freedom of expression of the "Impressionists",  

belongs to the line of "painters of light" with a gestural and spontaneous writing focusing on both the texture and the consistency of the paint.


His technical approach reminds us of the current of

"Action Painting" and the "dripping" technique of a Jackson Pollock. As well,  

by its depth, it makes us think

to the artists of "Colorfilde" such as Rothko, Robert Motherwell...

Painting by Maryam SHAMS

nevertheless tells a landscape of matter,

a set of colored signs standing out against a background.


What is called "chance" gives rise to

free forms that reach the sublime through the uncertainty of the gesture.

Under his hand and by the impetus of the rotary movements given to the canvas, the colors are organized into colored masses like imaginary maps. Color then becomes the only real way, on the way to the "islands of light"

in meditative spaces.  


If implicitly the Persian influence is visible in the work of Maryam SHAMS ,

the artist wants above all to be an intermediary through which

passes a pure and invisible world.

Gilbert Laisne

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